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Project RAD

What is Red Astaire (De) Constructed?

Have you ever wanted to experiment creating your very own (Re)volutionary vape flavours?

Red Astaire is legendary for being one of Europe’s best loved all day vapes.

Now the makers of this fantastic flavour are handing the creative control to you with Red Astaire Deconstructed.

The complex combination of tastes found in the original Red Astaire have been broken down by our experts in to three distinct elements for you to mix and create your own rocking recipes!

With three 10ml bottles of concentrate per pack, DIYer’s have 150ml of finished e-liquid and endless possibilities to play with.

Each individual flavour can be used on its own to create a vape that is as quality as the original, or mixed in an infinite array of blends to create unique and exciting new tastes.

The possibilities will become even greater with the release of many more concentrates that have been specially formulated to compliment the ‘big three’ initial flavours, with one more arriving every few months!

The Starter Pack Includes

Red Berries

A subtly sweet inhale, followed by an intense juicy burst of lush red berries on the tongue, with a honeyed sweetness that lingers on the palate.

Red Aniseed Menthol

A powerful blast of aniseed with a lick of menthol when first vaped, but creating a more subtle sweet flavour in the mouth after a few puffs, with a glorious freshness on the exhale.

Red Mint

Sweet and crisp peppermint hit the tip of the tongue, with a tinge of subtle sweet aniseed clinging on the exhale.

What Do I Get in the Box?

With #ProjectRAD, You’ve got the Power - The starter kit comes with everything you need!

Starter Recipes

Have you ever wanted to experiment creating your very own (Re)volutionary vape flavours?

For a fruity e-liquid but not to fresh, try 1ml of Red Mint accompanied with 2.5ml of Red Fruits and 2.5ml ml of Mint Aniseed. Finish in 24ml of 50/50 PG/VG Base.

Recreate the original e-liquid recipe for Red Astaire. For this you will need to add 2ml of each aroma. Combine the resulting mixture to 24ml of 50/50 PG/VG base.

For those who prefer Aniseed, try 3 ml of concentrate Red Aniseed with 1.5ml of Red Mint and 1.5ml Red Fruits. Complete this mixture in 24ml of 50/50 PG/VG Base.

If you are more of Fruity flavours, then start with 2.5ml of Red Fruits, 2.5ml of Red Mint and only 1ml of Red Aniseed. Complete with a base of 24ml 50/50 PG/VG.

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